Welcome to Moving Presence.

Eurythmy is a movement art which has been used educationally, therapeutically and artistically for many decades as well as being used in groups as a tool for supporting development and change. Eurythmy means “Harmonious Movement” and in it’s essence that is what it is. It is movement that encourages development and promotes harmony in anyone who takes part in it. It had its beginnings as a performance art in the early 20th Century and has since then continually evolved and developed as more and more people all over the world want to benefit from it.

Why Moving Presence? When taking part in eurythmy workshops of any kind you will be taking part in movement that encourages you to be more fully present in what you are doing than your day-to-day activities usually require. Through movement we can become more present in ourselves and more aware of our surroundings and we can carry this enhanced presence with us as we move through the rest of our day. Eurythmy actively strengthens and sustains our awareness of our own space and the space around us – and it is great for boosting our concentration and coordination skills as well.

” It felt like doing magic!”

Workshop participant

Moving Presence is based in Edinburgh and offers eurythmy workshops for organisations and businesses as well as evening classes and weekend workshops that individuals can take part in. Please see the specific pages for more details about the workshops.

A Eurythmy workshop at a training seminar.