Saraphir Qaa-Rishi is Danish, but has been happily settled in the UK since 2001. She moved to Edinburgh in 2015 and is delighted to be back in Scotland. Saraphir is a qualified Eurythmist and teaches eurythmy to people of all ages and abilities. She is especially interested in how eurythmy can be used socially to support individual and group development and is committed to bringing the benefits of eurythmy to as many people as possible.

Saraphir with one of the wooden spheres that are often used in the exercises for businesses and organisations.

She has a background in the third sector where she has worked with people with many different needs and abilities. During this time her prime motivating factor was always to find ways of encouraging and promoting development and confidence in the people she worked with, a practice she is now continuing in her work with eurythmy.

She has a BSocSc in Social Science and Welfare Studies from Roskilde University in Denmark as well as a Diploma in Eurythmy.

Over the years she has gained experience of working within many different organisational structures including commercial businesses, charities, intentional communities and political parties. For more information about Saraphir’s experience please click here.