Workshops for Special Needs

I offer eurythmy workshops/classes to organisations working with people with learning disabilities, mental health problems, people who have had strokes or anything else that might present a difficulty in life. Eurythmy is a healthy activity for anyone and has been taught in organisations which support people with special needs all over the world for many decades.

A group would ideally consist of 5 – 12 people (but can be larger depending on the space and support) and it is possible for everyone to join in.

A typical eurythmy session would consist of a variety of exercises and include both elements that can be more difficult and elements that are easier and bring a bit of fun.

All that is needed to do eurythmy is a willingness to join in and soft soled shoes. It is suitable for all levels of fitness as it is not physically taxing, and is suitable for people with mobility issues as one can also participate whilst sitting down.

If you are interested in starting up a eurythmy group for people you work with please contact me to discuss your needs and ideas. If you are not in Edinburgh, but would like to start a eurythmy workshop, please contact me and I will do my best to help.