Month: August 2017

Thursday ‘After Work’ Eurythmy Class starting 14th September

Thursday ‘After Work’ Eurythmy Class starting 14th September

It’s the last weekend of ‘the festival’ here in Edinburgh and the city will soon return to it’s normal rhythm. The summer has gone rather fast again this year and it has taken me a bit longer to plan my autumn eurythmy sessions than I thought. This has largely been due to getting regular eurythmy work on Tuesdays, which means I will have to change my Tuesday evening class to a Thursday ‘After Work’ class running from 5.30 – 6.30 pm. I hope this might actually make it easier for some people to attend, as they can attend after work rather than having to come back out in the evening.

During these 8 sessions we will be working with several autumnal poems as well as exploring some of the more meditative eurythmy exercises and working with sound gestures. We will of course also still continue work with exercises that aid concentration and coordination as well as social exercises.

The dates for the sessions are: 14th and 21st September, 5th and 26th October and 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd November.

Start: Thursday 14th September 5.30 – 6.30 pm

Venue: Orwell Arts, 17 Orwell Place, Edinburgh, EH11 2AD

Cost: £40 for the 8 sessions.

For more info or to book a place: or 07513541003

Colour in Movement – Saturday 9th September

Colour in Movement – Saturday 9th September

Colour is everywhere around us and forms a constant visual backdrop to our lives. It is also intimately connected with our soul moods as can be seen in common expressions such as ‘she is feeling blue’, ‘he saw red’, or ‘they were green with envy’. As well as colours being specifically mentioned in writings such as poetry, many poems also have an overall colour mood, which one can work with when expressing the poem in eurythmy/movement.

In eurythmy we work with Goethe’s colour theory, which talks of the ‘deeds and sufferings of the light’. Colour emerges when light engages with darkness in different ways – e.g. whether it accepts it or pushes it away. Working with colour in movement can give a stronger impression of the qualities of each colour as well as the influence it has on one’s soul mood.

During this workshop we will be exploring the different colours in movement and their influence on our soul mood and how we connect with others. We will also work with how to find the basic colour mood of a poem and how it can be expressed in movement. There will be a coffee break about halfway through where there will be time to chat and talk about our experiences.

Eurythmy can be done by anyone regardless of experience with movement and level of fitness. All you need to bring is yourself!


Saturday 9th September 2017 ~ from 10am – 1pm

Venue: Orwell Arts, 17 Orwell Place, Edinburgh, EH11 2AD

Cost: £10 per person – refreshments for the tea/coffee break included.

To book a place or for more information: or 07513541003