I just got back late last night from an absolutely fantastic weekend in Cardiff. I was at the National Conference of the British Stammering Association from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon and it was the most amazing experience. ➿➿➿
There were lots of great people and a plethora of workshops on different topics relating to stammering. I gave a Eurythmy workshop on Sunday morning. It wasn’t the busiest day and I was up against stiff competition from 5 other workshops, including one with the new CEO. But the people who came really enjoyed it and the feedback was universally good. One man wrote he felt relaxed, but energised after the workshop and called it ‘a new and novel way of combating stress.’ It is always so good to hear other people’s first impressions confirm what we already know! ➿➿➿
My flight back to Edinburgh was really delayed, so we didn’t land till midnight, but today I’ll be running on the positive energy created by spending the weekend with so many wonderful and brave people!