Colour – the Rainbow Bridge Between Inner and Outer Worlds.

Colour is everywhere around us and informs our lives through the symbolism of the individual colours and their daily effect on our mood. We all have colours that we love and colours that we would never dream of wearing or bringing into our homes – affinities that are maybe somewhat affected by the current fashion, but also by how that particular colour makes us feel and what possible memories it evokes.

This weekend will be an opportunity to observe, experience and connect creatively with the essential being of colour through Science, Eurythmy and Painting. On the Friday evening we will explore Goethe’s colour theory and by recreating some of his scientific experiments observe how colour arises out of darkness and light, inner and outer colour experience and more.

Saturday and Sunday we will be working artistically with water-colour painting and the art of Eurythmy. Through painting we will live into experiences of individual colours and find simple expressions which belong to them; experience colour movement in nature mood exercises; and finally create a painting working with the inherent nature of individual colours, and our own sense of balance in relation to opposing qualities of for instance, light and dark, weight and levity, warmth and cold. No previous painting experience required.

In the eurythmy sessions we will explore the inherent movement of the colours of the rainbow and how they arise from what Goethe calls ‘the deeds and sufferings of the light’; how the light relates to the darkness around determines the colour quality that arises. We will work with these movements and relate them to our soul moods and how they affect how we relate to others. No previous experience of movement or eurythmy is required.

“When we ourselves experience the life of colour we step out of our own skins and take part in cosmic life. Colour is the soul element of nature and of the whole cosmos, and we have a share in this soul element when we experience colour.” Rudolf Steiner

It will be a weekend of exploring and experimenting – a true colour-massage of the soul! The sessions will be interspersed with time to share and ask questions and breaks. Lunch is provided (soup, rolls and spreads) as is tea/coffee and refreshments for tea-breaks. You can see more about the weekend on Colour workshop leaflet complete.

For more information please contact either Jane or Saraphir:

Jane Sheppard:

Saraphir Qaa-Rishi:

Jane has a post graduate diploma in Art Therapy from Tobias School of Art. She presently works with individual children, and with adults on Seminars and Classes exploring Rudolf Steiner’s suggestions for art processes as a path of personal and social development. Despite an early interest in art, she took science at University but changed to a degree in Philosophy and Literature. She experienced the extremes and rhythms of Nature while working and living on a croft in North East Scotland, and discovered Anthroposophy and Waldorf education in Aberdeen. She did the Steiner School Teacher training course in Edinburgh. The discovery of Goethean Science with The Life Science Trust in bringing together Science and Art has been a major inspiration. 

Saraphir works as a Eurythmist at several Garvald Centres and on Courses, Seminars and in her own public workshops. She is especially interested in how Eurythmy can be used to support and promote individual development, self-discovery and well-being, as well as how it can help groups and teams work together better and improve organisational processes. She has a degree in Social Science, an SVQ in adult health and social care, and is currently completing a Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring. You can see more about Saraphir here.

colour the rainbow bridge between inner and outer worlds

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