Experiencing the Planets

Belief that the planets and stars that surround our in comparison tiny earth have different qualities and influence us has been around since ancient time and it's a belief that is still held by many today. The ancient Greeks spoke of 'the music of the spheres' and modern-day astrology (of the more serious kind) is incredibly complex and has the potential for giving real insight into ones life. In eurythmy we work with both the signs of the Zodiac and the Planets as being cosmic forces that are ever-present and affecting us all.

"Truly, the human being grew not only out of those forces which are recognised and assumed by the science of today. The human being grew out of the whole universe, and we understand him only when he is understood as coming out of the whole universe." R. Steiner 

The Planets that we work with in Eurythmy are the 5 planets that can be seen by the naked eye - Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn as well as the Sun and the Moon. Through the gestures developed in eurythmy one can get a feeling for the quality of the individual planets and how they are in relation to each other. In this workshop we will work with these gestures as well as the sound gestures and colours associated with each to help us get a broader experience of each planet.

"I loved every minute!"

Feedback from a colour workshop participant. 

experiencing the planets
The Planetary Seals.

Eurythmy can be done by anyone regardless of experience with movement and level of fitness. All you need to bring is yourself! There is limited space on this workshop, so book early if you want to be sure of a place.

Saturday 18th November 2017 ~ from 10am – 1pm

Venue: Orwell Arts, 17 Orwell Place, Edinburgh, EH11 2AD

Cost: £10 per person – refreshments for the tea/coffee break included.

To book a place or for more information: saraphir@movingpresence.co.uk

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