Mindful Eurythmy Workshop Glasgow

mindful eurythmy workshop Glasgow
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I am very pleased to have been asked by Chris Grant of "Anthroposophy in Glasgow" to lead a public Eurythmy workshop in Glasgow for the first time. I have led workshops in different organisations on the west coast of Scotland, but this will be the first public one. The workshop will be an introduction to social and mindful eurythmy and can be attended by anyone regardless of experience with movement.

Eurythmy has many different facets to it, and the mindful and social work very well together in that they help increase awareness of self and other. Becoming more aware of one's own space, thoughts and feelings can help improve wellbeing and strengthen resilience to stress and difficulties. When we become more aware of others and how we relate and work together, we take a step towards becoming more confident and aware in social situations. The exercises are also good fun and help people relax and the group to bond.

I feel much more relaxed and aware of my body and breath. Wonderful workshop. Thank you!

Mindful Eurythmy offers a chance to learn some simple, yet effective, movement exercises that can help become more present and bring the body and mind to a relaxed and calm state. They deepen with time and they can help with calming, centring and balancing yourself. The social exercises offer a chance to have fun, explore social dynamics and ultimately can become a form of active group meditation. There will be a tea/coffee break in the middle with time to connect with other participants or take notes. For a similar workshop in Edinburgh click here.

Saturday 28th September ~ 10.30 am – 1.30 pm

Venue: The Deep End, Govanhill Baths Arts Space, Glasgow.

Cost: £10 per person – refreshments for the tea/coffee break included.