Movement and Metamorphosis

Spring seems to be happening really fast here in Edinburgh at the moment. I didn’t have quite enough time to enjoy the cherry blossoms before they were starting to fade and the leaves took over and the lilacs are speeding ahead so fast that it won’t be long till they’re past it either. Spring is the time of year where there is an abundance of change and transformation taking place right before our eyes. You can sometimes see noticeable changes from day to day, and trees that have stood bare all winter now sport the most amazing and varied shades of green.

Even when we can’t see it, there is always some kind of change happening in the natural world. The same holds true for ourselves and our lives. Sometimes these changes are really positive and wanted, but sometimes it can also feel like life is pushing you around a bit; there are demands coming at you from everywhere and people around you need you to be there for them. Finding time and space to nurture ourselves can be hard and it can be even harder to stay centred and focus in the midst of the constant streams of conflicting needs and requirements.

movement and metamorphosis
Gradually changing forms in form drawing.

Working with issues such as these in eurythmy can provide a welcome insight and experience into how we can stay more centred in the midst of pressure and change. In this workshop we will be experimenting with how we can take on a more watery or airy quality to be able to flow with the changes more and better adapt to our circumstances. We will be working with principles taken from form drawing where forms change and metamorphose slowly over time and from water flowforms where the water is guided into a slowly growing and enlivening path. Focus will be on finding more flow in our own movement as well as the movement between everyone in the group.

The workshop is suitable for anyone regardless of prior experience with eurythmy or movement. All you need to bring is yourself.

Saturday 27th of May 2017 ~ from 10am – 1pm

Venue: Orwell Arts, 17 Orwell Place, Edinburgh, EH11 2AD

Cost: £10 per person – refreshments for the tea/coffee break included.

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