Eurythmy for Team Development

The world of business is becoming increasingly aware of the value of contented employees and a good team. A staff team that works well together and supports each other and the aims of the organisation or company can bring many benefits. Similarly, when employees feel they are important to the organisation and are being listened to they will be more willing to go that extra mile and will feel a sense of belonging and pride in the achievements of the organisation. Get your team to work together in a supportive and constructive manner and your business will have resilience and be much better positioned to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

A Eurythmy workshop at a training seminar. © Saraphir Legind. All Rights Reserved.
A Eurythmy workshop at a training seminar. © Saraphir Legind. All Rights Reserved.

Eurythmy workshops for team development is all about how we move together as a group. The workshops consist of guided group exercises developed to bring greater awareness to what happens between people and how the group/team can work more efficiently together. It may challenge some of our preconceptions about ourselves and others, but is also great fun and has a strong community-building effect. At the end of the session there will be time set aside for sharing experiences – what was difficult, what was fun, what insights have been gained etc. In learning to listen to each other in movement and in listening to each others' experience there can be an opening up to a greater willingness to understand each other in the daily work situation.

"At first there was a little bit of frustration as the complexity was unexpected, but it was really satisfying when we came together. The rhythm helped us succeed and I felt a harmonious feeling developed from the team building effects of the exercises. It was well led – not too much guidance, which helped the team/me work harder. I felt the session also helped us develop trust and a realisation that we can function well as a group if we tune into each other.”

Manager in organisation

Eurythmy can be a dynamic part of any staff training event and can work within or across all levels of an organisation. Whether your business is going through structural changes (e.g. mergers or departmental reorganisation), want to improve team work and staff communication, need staff to think outside the usual boxes or have any other reason to want to set up staff training events, Eurythmy can be a useful and powerful tool to support change and build relationships.

Areas of work:

  • building team morale
  • developing flexibility and openness to change
  • improving communication skills and ability to work together
  • developing ability to think creatively and adapting to changing circumstances
  • enhancing confidence
  • increasing well-being and relieving stress

To see feedback from a team that have Eurythmy sessions as a part of their regular staff training day please see the my case study.

Workshops can be organized as ongoing sessions, as a part of regular intensive training weekends, as a one-off event or to suit the needs of your organisation. All that is needed is a suitable square space (large and free of furniture) and 6 – 20 willing team members.