Eurythmy for Well-being and Resilience

Eurythmy is a movement art, which promotes balance and well-being. In general it enhances mind and body awareness and has an enlivening and relaxing effect. With regular practice it improves coordination, concentration and dexterity - as well as bodily/somatic intelligence as a whole.

Stress is a major problem in western societies today and it is estimated that around 12 million working days are lost each year in the UK due to work-related stress (figures from Bupa). With stress not only affecting absence from work, but also productivity and presence while at work (also called presenteeism) it is in every employers interest to not only do something about the most obvious stressors in their workplace, but also to help employees develop strategies for coping with the stress that is unavoidable.

This workshop consists of a variety of individual movement exercises that help promote awareness of body and mind, and find grounding and balance. Though they are seemingly relatively simple, the exercises provide ample opportunities for deepening and becoming increasingly present in one's body and movement. They are a kind of mindful movement and can be used on a daily basis to become more present and aware of tensions, posture and body language, which can help detect symptoms of stress faster and build resilience.

The exercises are linked to stress management and information regarding stress can be provided. The session will end with people sharing their experience (if they want to) and time to give feedback and ask questions. Anyone can take part regardless of experience with movement.

eurythmy for well-being and stress management

People generally report feeling relaxed, calm, happy and at ease after sessions, with feedback such as:

"I haven't felt like I could fall asleep so easily in months.”

"Lovely calm workshop. Good, useful, exercises. Good for mindfulness too.”

"A new, novel way of combating stress.”

"I feel much more relaxed and aware of my body and breath. Wonderful workshop - thank you!”

For the workshops to be effective they need to last between 1 ½ – 2 hours. Ideal numbers of participants are between 5 – 12 people, but up to 20 is possible. The venue needed is a square room, free of furniture, large enough for all participants to stand in a circle and move freely.

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