Below you can see some of the testimonials from participants at training seminars such as The Social Therapy Course in Edinburgh, staff training sessions and public workshops on different themes held in Edinburgh.

From a Saturday Workshop

"It felt very grounding and made me feel refreshed and balanced."

"I would like for the workshops to continue to focus on providing information on how this could be helpful in life challenges or how the movements relate to life.  - This workshop did just that 🙂 Great class! Loved the way you explained things and made us feel very comfortable and welcome! 🙂 "

"Great fun! Very clear instructions, very nice pace and stopping in between. Helpful visual aids of the flow of the movements. Very friendly atmosphere and openness to feedback. It felt like doing magic!"

"I loved every minute!"

"Great workshop on colour! 1) I enjoyed how we slowly went through the colours and experienced them. 2) I really liked the exercise on how colours reflect mood and people's emotions - partnering up with people and experiencing their effects."

"I enjoyed finding myself and enjoyed being with a group - feeling the contact and also having to think. I am glad I came, I feel I am going away with a little more confidence in myself."

From a Mindful Eurythmy Workshop

"I feel a softness, balance and awareness. It was all very balanced with a wonderful flow between all the exercises."

"I feel more open, grounded, alert, refreshed, centred, present and accepting. The highlights were your personal presence, connection and support of the group. Enjoyed your poetic language and use of imagination."

"I am feeling connected to my body and mind. It felt a bit like a meditation, but in a group and not silent, which was nice."

From a Training Seminar

"Eurythmy - wow!"

"I enjoyed the eurythmy - the coming together of the group and the sense of rhythm and harmony."

"The movement aspect was a lovely way to bond and work with the group. I was able to see the social influences of eurythmy."

"Enjoyed the movement of Eurythmy and freedom in the space - though recognise it was a pattern involving other.... and only worked with all attending to the process."

"I also really, really enjoyed the eurythmy and thought it opened us up as a group."

From a Staff Training Session

"I enjoyed the session. As it went further it became more like a dance which was becoming more coordinated with movement and people becoming more synchronized. Enjoyed a feeling of mutual co-operation."

"Wonderful! Co-ordination, co-operation and a sense of grace. Thank you."

"It was fun, organic, flowing, warm."

"Chaos to order. Constrained to freedom. Loved the movement, feel uplifted. You were great at keeping the group focused. Thank you."

"It's been an interesting experience. Sharing with the group, giving and getting from them and helping and being helped to co-ordinate the actions. It's been fun as well. It's a nice group experience where everyone is equal and everyone can make mistakes and is helped by the others. It has been very well dynamized by you, thank you. You are very patient and create a good atmosphere."

Eurythmy Session on a staff training seminar. © Saraphir Legind. All rights reserved.
Eurythmy Session on a staff training seminar. © Saraphir Legind. All rights reserved.