Thinking, Feeling and Willing in Movement

We constantly engage with the world around us in one way or the other - we are either actively doing, responding to something emotionally or thinking about our lives, people we know or what is happening in the world. These forces or ways of engaging are constantly working in us - for better or for good. We all know people who are very wilful, people who get over-emotional or people who are in their heads too much; ideally these three forces should be in harmony and working together, but we see more and more that they become fragmented and we are not able to get them to work together them in healthy way.

Through Eurythmy one can get a clearer sense and experience of the quality of these forces and become better able to distinguish and balance them in oneself. In this workshop we will explore how they move in us and how we move them and work  towards a stronger sense of balance and harmony through moving them by ourselves and with others. As always there will be a coffee break in the middle of the workshop with time to chat and connect with others.

thinking, feeling and willing in movement

It is not necessary to have attended other workshops to take part in this one or to have any experience with eurythmy or movement in general. All you need to bring is yourself!

Saturday 2nd June 2018 ~ from 10am – 1pm

Venue: Orwell Arts, 17 Orwell Place, Edinburgh, EH11 2AD

Cost: £10 per person – refreshments for the tea/coffee break included.

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