Workshops for Everyone

Moving Presence offers Eurythmy workshops in Edinburgh and beyond to adults of all ages. Eurythmy is Greek for ‘harmonious movement’. It is a movement art, which is both harmonious to do and which prepares a fertile ground for harmony to take hold. It can be done by anyone as it does not require great levels of fitness or any experience with movement. While you often do get quite warm from doing Eurythmy, it is not physically taxing; rather, it helps us to develop our awareness of ourselves and others and our ability to manage our will, thoughts and emotions.

“I loved every minute!”

There are a lot of different movement activities available today, which encourage letting go of stress and tension. Eurythmy does this in a unique way in that it encourages letting go by becoming more aware of our breathing, our tensions, our inner and outer space and by gently coming back to our centre. It equips us for the busyness and distractions of modern life and gives us a method through which we can stay more present throughout our daily life and become more aware of ourselves and our well-being.

"Very enjoyable, relaxing and invigorating."

There is a strong element of mindful movement in Eurythmy with many meditative exercises and emphasis on being completely present in and aware of your movement.

As well as actively promoting well-being, Eurythmy is also an excellent tool for self-development and self-discovery. Through working with different themes in Eurythmy one can explore parts of oneself that one was hitherto not so aware of. By working with the themes in movement whilst using your imagination and engaging your feelings, you will often have a different sense of inner balance and relation to yourself afterwards.

One-to-one sessions:

I am also able to do individual sessions depending on the circumstances. They can either be in your home if you cannot travel or on a Saturday at the venue given below. I can offer sessions with different focuses, such as for seniors, people who are recovering from strokes or anyone who wants help with mindful movement or stress relief. Sessions can also have a more creative and expressive focus.

I also offer customised workshops for groups of seniors with focus on balance, grounding and general dexterity and coordination.

"I feel calmer, empowered and more centered."

If you want to organise a workshop in your area I am very willing to travel. Workshops would usually be either half or whole day sessions. Please contact me on for more info.

Photo from staff training workshop in Edinburgh. © Saraphir Legind. All Rights Reserved.
Photo from staff training workshop in Edinburgh. © Saraphir Legind. All Rights Reserved.


There are no workshops planned for the foreseeable future.

Venue: All classes and workshops will be held at Orwell Arts, 17 Orwell Place, Edinburgh, EH11 2AD. The Venue is close to the Haymarket Station and busses 3, 4, 25, 33 and 44 stop close by.

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